Introduction via ThingLink

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


I am enrolled in a course titled Using Technology for Teaching and Training. The first tool we explored was ‘ThingLink,’ a platform for creating interactive images and videos for the web. We used it as a means of introducing ourselves, but there are several other ways educators can utilize this fun (and free) tool:

  1. As a curriculum launcher.  A ThinkLink graphic can provide background and challenges to students.
  2. To introduce a technology tool. An interactive graphic can contain a large amount of multimedia content and enable students to explore different areas of interest.
  3. To publish student work. Students or teachers can create content that reflects class work using ThinkLink.
  4. To create interactive reports. ThinkLink can provide an alternative to formal reports or academic writing.
  5. For  skills development. Innovative way to package tutorials, text, podcasts, web links, etc.

I created an introduction to the class using a photograph I took on the west coast of Ireland, which is where one side of my family is from. I inserted video, text, an Instagram account, and a link to my alma mater. My ThingLink introduction can be found at

Author: kathleenlegris

I am an academic specialist working with the Centre for Higher Education Research and Development at the University of Manitoba. Interested in teaching and learning and all things EdTech.

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