Characteristics of useful edtech

screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-8-44-24-pmDifferent media can promote different outcomes and help students to learn in different ways. Selecting the right medium for the job, or utilizing the unique features of different media’ or ‘affordances’ requires an understanding of its best uses. Bates identifies three characteristics that influence the usefulness of an educational technology (209): Broadcast and Communicative Media; Synchronous or Asynchronous Technologies; and Media Richness. I would like to build a framework for best practices based on the following summary of Bates’ characteristics as I have illustrated above.


Reference: Bates (2015), Teaching in a digital age: Guidelines for designing teaching and learning (Chapter 6: Understanding Technology in Education).


Author: kathleenlegris

I am an academic specialist working with the Centre for Higher Education Research and Development at the University of Manitoba. Interested in teaching and learning and all things EdTech.

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